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RentaMaze FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always more than happy to answer your questions and are always willing and able to assist you by email or on the phone. If in the mean time we are out of hours please have a look through some of the most commonly asked questions which may give you the answer you are looking for.

How do I choose which height hedge is for me?

We have two heights in our RentaHedge, those that you can see over at 1.4m high and those that you can’t see over at 2.4m high. This means whether you are looking to create a completely enclosed maze or one that you can see over or you can always combined the two to add character to the maze. Please refer to our Products pages for full details.  Our timber maze is 1.2m high with larger 2.4m high archways, very narrow and light weight.

How much does it cost?

We do not publish prices, not because we don’t want to, but we work on many different events throughout the UK and into Europe, so to give a one price to fit all would not give you the best deal.  We take on board all the requirements you have in terms of size, duration, location, set up/breakdown times and duration of event and then put forward the best proposal to you.

What preparations do I need to make?

We will guide you through the process and how we operate when on site to ensure everything is done to the highest standard.  You can also see on our support pages on how we deliver and set up the hedging.

Can I pick up my order myself?

We offer the complete package from build up, installation and break down at all events. Carrying all our own kit on board we can complete the off loading and re-loading as efficient as possible, as it is a size-able operation on the day and requires advanced planning.

Does the hedging need to be watered?

Depending on the length of time you have the hedging for, we will instruct you on maintenance & watering for the plants as they are a living product. As a rule of thumb the hedging will be self-sufficient for 10-14 days during the summer period.  The timber maze is of course maintenance free!

What happens if the Maze gets damaged?

Accidents can happen we know, so whats best is if we will look at the situation and deal with each case individually, but please remember once on site and for the duration of the event it is the customers responsibility to make sure they are not damaged.

Do you rent trees as well?

Yes we do, we are currently just enhancing our range for rental with large beautiful topiary pieces such as spirals, cones, pyramids, archways and some unique trees, however if you have any particular trees in mind let us know and we can see what we can do to best suit your requirements.

Do you just rent hedging?

Of course, this is no problem, we can offer many extra options along with your maze, if you need to screen off an area or direct people using the hedging, its no problem.  Although you probably know what our RentaHedge is like, you can find out further details on applications of use for our hedging at for further information.

Do you sell hedging?

Yes we do, InstaHedge is a sister business that offers all types of instant hedges for permanent planting. For more information please visit our site at