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Here is a quick overview of the support we offer

Support comes in many forms throughout any working relationship and here is some key areas which are worth a read to see who we are, questions you may have and general terms of business.

So give you a breakdown on what areas of support you can look at, here is a quick run down of what you can find on this page:

  • Why RentaMaze? – See what Rentamaze is all about and how we can work with you
  • Website Terms of Use – Pretty dull stuff here, but we make up for that with creativity with our mazes!
  • RentaMaze FAQ – Some general questions and things which might be of interest
  • RentaMaze Conditions of Hire – From payment, breakdown, delivery, liability, to the rabbit in the hat!

Have a look through the links on the left and if you have any further questions or require any information, just let us know over the phone, on email or our online chat.

Why Choose RentaMaze

Get the most out of your hedging by branding them for your event.

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Looking for our other solutions?

If you are looking for some temporary hedging for an event, look at our sister businesses.

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