Big Mazes

Mazes are a great way to create a visually and physically fun way to get your message across to your visitors, using the maze element as a way of creating an attraction, launching a product within the maze or even creating a bespoke design to be viewed from above.

  • We offer something truly unique for the visitor experience
  • Real living hedging which can be used on all outdoor spaces and many indoor spaces
  • Our hedging is up to 2.4m high which give the sense of a true maze
  • It creates curiosity and adventure, while corresponding your message in a fun way
  • Many themes can give the visitor an experience which will generate a lasting impression
  • You can create puzzles within the maze to give a more fuller user experience

Whatever your theme is, message you have or event you are holding, our mazes can not only create a wonderful feature for your event, but also create income for the event or a charity you may be representing.  You bring your ideas, we will bring our creativity and hopefully we will come up with the next best maze!


Why Choose RentaMaze

Get the most out of your hedging by branding them for your event.

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