Delivery & Installation

Installing your RentaMaze

We do not operate our own lorries for delivery, instead we work with our preferred hauliers who operate the best service to conduct your delivery on site to deliver our mazes to you on time, damage free and efficiently.

We use a range of lorries from 28ft lorries to 45ft lorries and are ideal for our hedging and timber mazes. All are with curtain sides to avoid any damage along the way. All the lorries are mounted with truck mounted forklifts, which upon arrival will unload everything and we will be on site to position everything out into a pre-marked area, so that everything is completed efficiently, safely and on time within a few hours depending on the size of the maze.

Once the hedging is unloaded into position, however on the timber mazes, there is only so much we can prepare off site, this will take slightly longer to install and will be put together by ourselves by hand.

Our timber mazes can be moved by pallet truck on flat hard surfaces, like our hedging can, but the timber maze can be move by hand as well, so if you have restricted access or the location is inaccessible for forklifts, the timber maze can be moved into almost any space.

If you have an indoor event or a location which is not accessible for our forklift, no problem we have manual hand trucks and have used electric forklifts inside many times.

Why Choose RentaMaze

Get the most out of your hedging by branding them for your event.

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