Combined Hedge & Timber Mazes

The combination of both our hedge and timber mazes is a create more than one maze effect and add another dimension to the whole maze overall.

  • Create an enclosed maze which can’t be seen over and to give a more mysterious effect
  • The TimbaMaze is a great way for other people to get a glimpse with intrigue
  • Enriches your visitors experience within the maze, in timescale and interaction with the outside
  • It creates curiosity and adventure, while corresponding your message in a fun way
  • Themes can be added such as Alice in Wonderland, Winter Wonderland and Scary Halloween
  • Creating puzzles and games to do within the maze are a great way to add another interest while in the maze, giving the visitor a purpose to explore all areas of the maze.

Our hedge and timber mazes, don’t only make a great visual effect, but also an even more exciting maze experience for the whole family to enjoy, while getting lost within!

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