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Temporary hedging for your event or party

Rentahedge is a unique product, giving you to create a temporary hedge at yo, RentaHedgeur event, whether your screening an area off, creating a garden atmosphere, lining a walkway or creating a maze.

We offer two heights of rentahedge, ones you can see over and ones you can’t see over, giving you the ability to adapt the hedging at all locations to get the environment you want. Installed all on site with our own forklifts, we will place our hedging where you want it, with no hassle.

We also offer some large topiary pieces that compliment the hedging, from large cones to bespoke planted pieces, such as archways, pyramids, spirals and many more. Anything is possible!

If you are holding a private function, to a wedding or a major event like the Olympics, rentahedge is versatile enough for any situation.